How to become a consultant


How to become a consultant

I get this question often and often I get messages from professionals asking help on how to become a Dynamics 365 Consultant or Developer . So here is the answer.

  1. Select your Dynamics 365 Application Suite. You have 3 application suites here – Finance and Operations ( FNO)Customer Engagement (CE) and Business Central (BC). In this, FNO and BC are ERP suites while CE is the CRM application suite.
  2. Select your Job role: Do you want to become a Developer a Functional Consultant. Developer or technical consultant will do the customization of the application which involves coding as well. Functional consultant would be someone who understands the application in and out. No coding. Learn about Dynamics 365 Apps
  3. Start Taking some training: Once you have the application suite and job role selected, search for some online and/offline training and attend it. This is a must. Dont do self study, it would take ages and you may get frustrated.
  4. Do a lot of reading and research: Microsoft applications are very vast and functionality get updated like in every 6 months. So you have to read at least 2-3 hours a day in the beginning to catch up.
  5. Setup a trail account: Most of the Dynamics 365 application suites provide trail account, create one for your practice or your training provider will definitely give one. Create trailWatch how to create a trail
  6. Practice yourself. Create a trail account of the applicate suite and start practicing. Once you start definitely you would have many things to try out and verify. Nothing beats practical experience.
  7. Join communities: Communities are good way to learn and connect with experts on this domain. Dynamics 365 communities
  8. Start giving interviews: Once your training is over, update your resume and start applying for jobs.
  9. Join WhatsApp/Telegram groups. There are plenty of WhatsApp and telegram groups where people consultants look for local help on issues they are working on.
  10. Repeat the same for next 3-4 years minimum. Start attending Microsoft events – online as well as offline, build your network and knowledge.

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