How It Works

Four major Steps to Success

Learn the technology of tomorrow
in 4 steps!


#1 Plan Your Career

Studying Dynamics 365 online means that you pay the tuition fee, possibly book supplies, an online application fee, and few other items. You don’t, however, incur the costs of housing (which can range up to $12,000 per year) and transportation, which translates to lower debts and more savings.

Career Tracks

#2 Select your D365 Career Track

Find your Dynamics 365 Career track. There are plenty of career tracks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – functional, developer, pre-sales, architect etc. Select the track suitable to your prior experience, career goals and ambition.

Course Plans

#3 Select your Course Plan

Select the course plan that suits to you – you can go for monthly as well yearly packages. Learning Dynamics 365 a continuous process.

Master your Skills
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#4 Master Your D365 Skill

Its not just learning, its about mastering your skill that will give you lifelong career. Learn you Dynamics 365 track in an out and then you become a expert. Pass certification exams.

Arm yourself for a better careeer ID?

Find your Dynamics 365 interest and register for a course today

Succeed with D365 Academy

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

How to register with D365 Academy?

Enrolling in Dynamics 365 Academy is easy. Just select the video course of your choice and enroll by making the payment. You will be redirected to your course page to kick start your learning.

How do I customize my account?

In order to customize your account’s information, just log in with the provided passcode and change the info. 

How do you process my information?

Your data will be kept private and secure on our database. No illegal use without prior notice.

How do I contact D365 Academy support?

Its quite easy. You can reach out to our help center through a phone call, email or chat.

How can I get a discount?

Learners can get a discount by coupon or voucher. If you have one, fill in the code box before making any payment.

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