How to become a Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Developer

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How to become a Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Developer

Many people asked theses questions and often. How to become a Dynamics 365 CRM developer? What is the best training available online to learn Dynamics CRM? Best way to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM etc? 

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Dynamics CRM is the flagship product of Microsoft  ( which used to be called as Dynamics CRM or Microsoft CRM in the past).

Have worked in Application development and in IT business domains I would say it is always good to be part of a technical team because where you are more valued -both in terms of package and respect.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics 365 CRM is a wonderful product and and its market share is increasing year by year. With the release of Dynamics 365 – where CRM and ERP functionalities are combined, Microsoft is going to be the leader in CRM market in next few years ( presently Salesforce is the CRM market leader).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Should I switch to Dynamics 365 CE domain?

If you are from a different domain other than CRM, then you would find it is quite interesting to work on CRM domains as it is interesting to deal with Sales, Marketing and Service business and the people from these domains. I have worked in Sales and customer service realted jobs, so for me it is more interesting to work as a Dynamics CRM consultant.

Dynamics 365 Developer or functional Role?

When comes to the technical side of it, most of the customization on the tool that you can perform using GUI( Graphical User Interface) itself, and for the complex requirement you have to customize using coding. Coding involves programming using .Net( or and Javascript.

In terms of salary package you can get one of the best that developers are getting, r I can say on the similar package what Salesforce developers or other ERP consultants are getting( SAP ERP, Dynaimics AX, NAV developer package).

Demand for Dynamics 365 CE developers

With the release of Dynamics 365( released in Nov’ 16), Dynamics CE/CRM become more interesting and competitive in the market where Microsoft combines CRM and ERP functionalities together. That means, now a customer dont want to buy CRM and ERP application separately- both are available as a single package and on the cloud!

So the demand for Dynamics CRM( or Dynamics 365 ) consultants are on rise. So I would suggest this is the right time to be a Dynamics 365 CRM consultant.

How to become a Dynamics 365 Developer?

You can start into this new domain slowly and steady? You will be hearing a lot of new things and experience a lot of new things. And there is lot of go ahead. So go slow else you would get exhausted.

  • What is Dynamics 365 ?
  • How to use the CE application
  • Sales, customer service and marketing
  • Basic administration
  • Configure Dynamics 365 CE application
  • UI based customization
  • Code based customization
  • Javascript customization
  • Integration with other applications

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