Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE – What Should I learn?

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Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE – What Should I learn?

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This is a classic question! People ask me this questions for years so I decided to write a detailed answer to the question – Should I learn Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

When you are looking forward to start your career in a particular technical domain you should consider many factors before reaching a decision such as:

  1. Demand in the job market
  2. Career opportunities – present and future
  3. Salary

If you are a fresh graduate out of college, you don’t have many things to think about. But if you already have working experience in another domain then you have many thing to consider.

Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

We will analyze both these technologies for their potential, business importance and career opportunities so that you can take a decision by the end of this article.

Salesforce CRM Vs Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

Both salesforce and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (previously Dynamics CRM) are amazing products and are market leaders. Both these products are in the market for 15+ years and using by hundreds of thousand of enterprise customers.

both these are enterprise CRM applications which run on the cloud ( while Dynamics CRM has on-premise version as well). These applications help businesses to manage their sales, customer service, marketing, field service operations.

Salesforce is the leader in the CRM market and is the first successful CRM product in the united states market.  Microsoft launched Dynamics CRM ( it was Microsoft CRM back then) in the year 2003, and over a period of time the product has evolved into a full grown cloud CRM application used by millions of users.

Learning salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is the first and most successful CRM application in the market and still have demand but at the same time other CRM applications also take up the market share from salesforce.

Salesforce CRM consultants still have opportunities in the market but the boom is not there.

First successful CRM in the market.

Learning Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

If you are coming from a .NET background then Dynamics 365 CRM/CE would be the first option for you to kick start, it would a easy transition.

When you are switching your career from a non- .NET background after having multiple years of experience then you have to consider multiple factors before switching.

Dynamics CE has been picking up tremendously since the inception of Dynamics 365 back in November 2016, before that it as known as Dynamics CRM with sales, customer service and marketing modules.

Dynamics 365 CE brings lot more features and easy integration with Dynamics 365 FNO and BC makes this a superior product and more opportunities are coming up.


  • Cost effective than Salesforce CRM
  • Both CRM and ERP applications in Dynamics 365
  • Improved UI and Office 365 like navigation
  • Easy licensing options

Demand for Dynamics 365 Consultants

As a Dynamics 365 MCT and having courses on Dynamics365Academy and other platforms, I would say the demand of Dynamics 365 consultants are ever increasing since 2016 when Microsoft implemented Dynamics 365.

While demand for Dynamics 365 consultants are increasing the demand for Salesforce consultants are almost saturated.

Also see my other answer on a similar question –Firoz Muhammed’s answer to Which CRM has more career opportunities, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Benefits of learning Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Easy to learn
  • Increasing career options.
  • Multiple roles to select like functional, admin and developer.
  • Easy to switch to other related products such as Power Apps, FNO, BC.
  • Opportunity to work with ERP apps

If you are planning to kick start on Dynamics 365 CE you can have a look at my course on

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