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What our students say about our Dynamics 365 CRM video courses.


Martin Panton

The course covers the core areas for learning how to use Teams. It’s easy to follow, well spoken and the audio is good. I have enough knowledge in teams to now start confidently and pro-actively using it.”


Peter Lipka

Superb intro to Microsoft Teams. Teams include many components and so “learning by reading” is tedious and requires a LOT of time to develop practical understanding. Fortunately, this course (substantially) accelerates the learning process and so I highly recommend it to those who wish to acquire an understanding of Microsoft Teams quickly and easily.”


Tessa Keough

This was a good introductory course for Teams. It appears that a few things have changed – now there is a free version, and it would be nice to address how those with a small business or solos can use the free version. However, great food for thought and really helpful as I am setting up my Microsoft Teams. Really appreciated the use of demonstrations.


Theresa Nottle

So far so good.Very engaging presenter and student. Kept my interest levels up all through the course. They made what is quite a different way of operating, reasonably easy to understand.


Alicia Escamilla

The videos are great! However, it would be nice to see some updated videos! There are some slight changes in the app since the last Teams upgrade.


Amy Fleming

Instructor took it slow and the helper asked some good questions. Very visual. Would like to see a new one on the most recent version of teams!


Sean LeDell

This course gives a great overview of the front end GUI that is Microsoft Teams. I would recommend it to anybody looking to come up to speed quickly on how to work within Teams. The course is a bit dated, as it was recorded in 2017, so could use a refresher. Would have liked to see more modules that covered the back end MS Teams Administrative options.


David Pozerycki

am preparing to train our company staff on using Teams. This has been a great way for me to see all the features of Teams. I have been using Teams for almost a year now and there are so many features that I would never have been exposed to if it weren’t for this course.

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